My First Toolbox Plush Playset

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The My First Toolbox playset is a colorful, soft and modern way for little builders to play and engage with tactile fun and fine-tune motor skills with different sounds and textures! This soft playset features a 7.5” toolbox which stores 4 soft sensory toys: a plush hammer sound toy, a wrench squeaker, a crinkling saw, and a screwdriver rattle. Each sound toy is designed to stimulate and entertain little ones! Just like the rest of the innovative Play Soft collection, this 5-piece plush playset contains multiple ways to keep baby engaged through sensory play, encouraging exploration while helping develop dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Aside from sound toys, Baby GUND plush is machine-washable, and can be line-dried for easy cleaning. Appropriate for ages 0 and up. 

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