Emma Bow Infant Headband

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Emma HairBow Headbands for babies are an cute baby hair accessory for infants that are cute and comfortable. The solid colours are for infants that wear baby girl outfits with lots of patterns or a less "in your face" bow that will make a fashionable baby outfit look even more adorable.

  The skinny nylon elastic doesn't leave marks and is so light she will barely notice it is there while you take cute photos of your baby girl in this hairband!  You don't need any hair for this work work and these colours are so versatile that it's easy  to pair with dressy or casual baby girl outfits. 

This listing is for one bow. Please choose your color. 

This bow is a 100% polyester fabric tied 4 inches across and about 2.5 inches high.  The width of the fabric is 1.75 inches.  The material is very light and soft and lays flat yet holds it cute hairbow shape! Fits 0-18 month as the nylon is super stretchy!

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