Greta's Gumbo

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"A masterpiece of wordplay, a riot of visual humor, and a testament to the power of imagination--Webre's tale makes me feel like a child again." --Connie Collins Morgan, author of The Runaway Beignet It's time to make gumbo, but Greta's dad needs groceries and her baby brother is fussy. As her frazzled dad shops for gumbo ingredients, he doesn't notice when Greta, determined to calm her brother, summons the help of a hyperactive monkey, a curious rabbit, and a frozen penguin. The baby laughs. But when a grunting elephant and a lumbering bear cause chaos, the baby wails. Yikes! Can Greta calm the baby and help Dad get groceries for Greta's gumbo? Imagination rules in this fun story for young readers.

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