Zipper Footie - Crawfish on White

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Snug as a bug on a rug.  This Zipper Footie is ideal for all little ones in their first year.  Providing a lot of warmth, the footie is made with a soft medium weight interlock wave. 



  • For luxurious comfort, extra-long staple Pima is the world's softest cotton.
  • Natural cotton breathes and, for baby's sensitive skin, is better than bamboo rayon and other synthetic materials.
  • Because of the remarkably strong thread we use, all our knits hold their shape better and last longer.
  • Unlike short-staple cotton and bamboo, Pima cotton will never pill and will stay forever soft.
  • When it comes to the impact on the environment, the surest way to make a difference is simply to buy less. One way to make that easier is choosing only high-quality clothing, made from natural long-lasting fabrics—such as Pima cotton.


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