Velvet Pigtail Pinch Alligator Hair Clips

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Alligator Clip Hair Clips in this velvet bow pair makes a gorgeous back to school hairstyle for girls in preschool and elementary school.  The bows are tied then glued with non toxic glue to ribbon wrapped alligator clips. 

3/8" Velvet Ribbon Bows -  Hand tied bows attached to ribbon covered alligator clips for girls with hair. Great for toddler hairstyles. The Alligator clips are pinch open, slide in hair - release the clip and will hold.  They are ribbon covered and approximately 3.5 cm long Clips. Perfect for pigtails or side sweep. Creates that classic school girl look.

2 Clips PER PKG- one for each side of the head. Fits best on those with hair approximately 12 months and up.  Full ribbon lined. Non Toxic Glue, Heat Sealed Ribbon Ends, Lead Tested Clips.  Baby Wisp Quality.

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