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Our Newborn Cloth Diaper Rentals allow you use the best cloth diapers available for three months, at the lowest possible prices. The average baby goes through $180 in disposables the first three months! If you purchased these cloth diapers new it would cost over $300, but with our rental program, you can diaper your newborn for less than $35 a month and receive $100 credit towards your diaper purchase.

Our rental includes 24 Kissaluvs or BabeeGreens Fitted Diapers, size 0 (fits approximately 6-15 lbs) for a rental period of 3 months. The diaper rental deposit fee is $200, of which $100 is refundable in the form of store credit.

Early Reservation Rental: You may reserve one of our cloth diaper rentals prior to your baby’s due date and we will have your diapers ready for delivery two weeks before your due date.

Post-Birth Rental: Depending on your baby’s age and the availability of a rental, it can take up to 3 weeks for a rental to be available.

How it works: Use the diapers for 3 months and then return them to ZukaBaby. We then give you a partial refund on your down-payment to use as store credit toward your next purchase with ZukaBaby. In essence, you are paying a monthly rental fee for use of the diapers at a fraction of the cost of buying them new or using disposables! This is the perfect rental program for parents who want to have top-of-the-line cloth diapers for their newborn, but who also want to save money.

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