Medela Breast Milk Feeding Gift Set

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The Feeding Gift Set is a value pack of breast milk containers that includes everything you need to collect, store and feed breast milk.


3 - 5oz polypropylene bottles with nipples, collars and caps
6 - 80mL (2.7oz) bottles
20 - Pump & Save™ bags
2 - Easy-connect adapters

Compatible with all Medela breast pumps: Pump, store and feed with one container
Safe design: Medela's signature bottle design allows moms to store their breast milk long-term without losing any of its natural beneficial properties
5 oz breast milk bottles: Easy-to-read volume marks, dishwasher and microwave safe
2.7 oz/ 80ml breast milk bottles: Perfect for smaller amounts of pumped breast milk. Easy to store in refrigerator or freezer
Pump &Save™ bags: Pump or pour directly into bag for fast, easy breast milk storage. Compatible with all Medela breast pumps. Includes 2 easy connect adapters, attaches directly to pump
Wide base silicone nipple: When moms are away, you can trust your baby is getting as natural a feeding experience as possible with our slow flow silicone nipple
Made without BPA: All parts that come into contact with breast milk are not made with BPA



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