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The mission of Hagar’s House is to serve as a sanctuary for women and children by providing an open and empowering residential community, resource coordination and a safe space to transition into sustainable housing.  Hagar’s House offers:

  • A beautiful, clean, safe place to rest and call home
  • An open and empowering space that welcomes women, children and those who identify as transgender
  • An intentional community that is actively engaged in undoing the root causes of poverty
  • Holistic programming focused on physical health, emotional health, spiritual health, and social justice    
  • A partnership where residents set goals and determine their own path for meeting those goals
  • A savings program in which working residents save 70% of their income
  • Healthy food and space to plant in a community garden

Hagar's House does not rely on government funding so that we are better able to serve all families. The community and services are open to those in need without regard to race, religion, creed, color, sexual orientation, national origin, age, gender identity or immigration status.


What your Donation can do:

  • $10 gets a family to a doctor’s appointment
  • $50 buys an “economy size” pack of diapers
  • $100 pays for a water heater repair
  • $500 pays for a month of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other healthy groceries
  • $1,000 sustains the house as a safe, warm place for mothers and children by covering 1 month of rent and electricity

Any size donation is appreciated! Hagar's House relies on donations to maintain the home as a clean, safe sanctuary for women and children in New Orleans. Forty percent of the Hagar's House budget comes from individuals and fundraisers and around 85% of our budget goes directly to programming.


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