Why Is Blue Dog Blue?

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George Rodrigue combines preposterous puns with all-new whimsical Blue Dog artwork to go where other color guides are too yellow-bellied to tread. Readers of all ages will giggle and sigh as Blue Dog changes her color from Red or Green to Auburn or Chartreuse. What color is Blue Dog when George wants a hot dog? Mustard, of course. And what color does George paint Blue Dog when he goes to the beach? Tan, naturally.

Along the way, readers learn a lot about colors and their names, from basic primary and secondary colors to the exotic ones most color primers ignore completely. But more importantly, this book is a fun-filled demonstration of how artists use color to enrich their art. Children and adults alike will be surprised by this imaginative and expansive explanation of Blue Dog's color. And by the end of the book, they will see that the artist's reasoning is both logical and magical: Blue Dog simply had to be blue.

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