CYBEX Aton Q Infant Car Seat - Floor model (last one!)

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The Aton Q infant car seat stands for maximum safety and innovative technologies in combination with the iconic design of the CYBEX PLATINUM Brand


  • Telescopic Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P. System)
  • 8-position height adjustable headrest automatically positions the harness correctly
  • Base 2
  • Integrated and color coordinated extra large canopy
  • Travel system
  • The Aton Q elevates safety and comfort with the introduction of the clever telescopic Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P. System) and an 8-position height adjustable headrest that eliminates the need for re-threading the harness as the baby grows. The color-coordinated extra large UV50+ canopy folds away for a clean and integrated look when not in use.
  • 5 Point harness
  • Energy- Absorbing shell

Telescopic L.S.P. System:

The new telescopic Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P. System) absorbs the force of a side-impact collision in combination with the energy absorbing shell.

The new telescopic Linear Side-impact Protection can be easily and individually adjusted. The very first forces of an accident are transferred by the extended side protector facing the door and are distributed to the car seat's shell. The flexible material and structure of the infant car seat then absorbs the forces of an impact and channels them away from the baby.

8- Position Height- Adjustable Headrest:

For perfect protection that grows with the child
In combination with the telescopic Linear Side-impact Protection System the height-adjustable headrest adds to the excellent side-impact protection of the Aton Q infant car seat.

With the new 8-position height-adjustable headrest with integrated harness guide, the length of the harness changes automatically when the headrest is adjusted. This prevents any need for the difficult threading in and out of the harness and makes it almost impossible to misuse.

Extra Large Canopy:

Perfect sun and wind protection with UVP50+
The extra large canopy offers great sun protection to the stringent UV50+ Australian standard.

When not in use, the canopy elegantly disappears behind the color coordinated visor, completely integrated with the design of the seat. It has an extra extension when used in the recline position as a travel system.

Base 2:

Prevents forward rotation in a crash
The Load Leg keeps the seat upright in a crash for maximum protection of the baby's head, neck and body.

The European style Load Leg prevents the seat from rotating forward in a crash and allows the seat to perfectly support the baby's head, neck and body. It also transfers much of the energy into the vehicle's floor, decreasing forces on the baby.

Travel System:

A new level of design and comfort
The Aton Q in combination with the Priam stroller sets a new standard for premium travel systems.

The design DNA of the Aton Q infant car seat, in combination with the timeless and striking looks of the Priam stroller, creates a stunning travel system combination. The Aton Q simply clicks onto the Priam car seat adapters and it's ready to go. The Aton Q also fits on all other CYBEX strollers, as well as many other branded strollers.


Product specifications:

  • Child Weight: 4-35lbs/ 24" tall
  • Dimensions : 25.6 / 17.3 / 15.4 - 22 inches
  • Weight: 11.6 lbs / Weight on base: 23.86 lbs
  • Wash by hand in lukewarm water and line dry
  • Engineered and designed in Germany
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