Piety & Desire Local Milk Chocolate Bar - 55% Milk Dark Marañón

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Chocolate makes everything better! Treat mom or dad to a premium small-batch, responsibly sourced dark milk chocolate bar, made right in the heart of New Orleans.

Tasting Notes: Cashew Butter, cà phê sữa đá, Malted Chocolate Shake

Origin: Marañón Canyon, Peru

Cacao Percentage: 55%

Ingredients: Cacao*, Unrefined Louisiana Cane Sugar**, Whole Milk Powder, Cocoa Butter***

*All cacao is sourced according to Direct Trade and/or Conscious Trade principles

**Sourced Direct from Three Brothers Farm- Youngsville, LA

***Same origin, pressed in house

Bar Notes:
This bar has tamed the Nacional of Peru's Marañón Canyon with a superior, roller-dried milk powder, which subtly caramelizes the casting of this canonized cacao while summoning the supple chocolate more so than its "darker" counterpart- the 72% bar. Once considered practically extinct, this heterozy-gemini varietal presents a 60/40 mix of purple and white seeds, which sings a song of floral and fruity alto notes anchored in creamy baritone nuts, touched in the end by the tannins of their skins. Bought in wet mass at small farms throughout the canyon before being transported by burro and motorbike to a central processing facility, the cacao receives a special hand-sorting and mixing before being fermented in local Laurel wood boxes. Post-fermentation, a proprietary pre-drying process assures a lower level of volatile compounds post-processing, ensuring the consistent character of Nacional can persevere across continents and palates; space and time; hearts and minds. Here, is presented a delicious distortion: the modern silk of milk.

Care Instructions
You can store your chocolate bar at room temperature, up to 78 degrees, for up to one year. For optimal storage, recommended room temperature is between 55-65 degrees. 

Allergy info: Produced in a facility that handles dairy, nuts, and wheat

About Piety & Desire Chocolate

Located right in the heart of New Orleans, Piety & Desire offers a premium chocolate sourced responsibly from "Bean to bar and beyond". That means that they produce their chocolate starting from cacao (i.e., cocoa beans) that we then roast, winnow, grind, refine, and temper into bars, bon bons, and other confections! This process takes about week from start to finish.

Their ingredients are responsibly sourced locally and internationally. They purchase cacao via Direct Trade (directly from farmers, cooperatives, or producers) or via what some call Conscious Trade (from a distributor who buys Direct), meaning they pay 3 - 4 times the commodity price and so-called "fair trade" prices of cacao. This ensures that farmers are paid justly for their goods, which in turn ensures a consistently high-quality product. Furthermore, they use only the finest quality, local ingredients while never using any preservatives or artificial flavorings. Their products are as fresh as they get!

All of their chocolate is made in their studio in Mid-City New Orleans.


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