BuggyBoard Maxi | Black

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The BuggyBoard® Maxi gives your child a smooth, safe ride, and full manoeuvrability for you, and it adds an extra-large anti-slip platform, higher ground clearance and a superior suspension to the Mini’s great design. This gives you extra room for your feet, total control over rough ground, and secure grip for your child.

Our patented Lascal Easy-fit™ connection system allows the BuggyBoard® to fit to every type of buggy.


High Riding Platform: The platform on the Maxi rides at 6.25 inches above the ground. Other boards ride lower and cause you to bump your feet on the board. The higher clearance under the Maxi allows for a normal stride.

Better Suspension: Many boards use small skateboard wheels and have no suspension making them very uncomfortable for rider and parent. Bigger wheels and built-in suspension make the Maxi easier to push and more comfortable to ride.

Use on Multiple Strollers: Most boards will work with only a handful of stroller models, and can only be used with one stroller once installed. Additional Universal Connector Kits (sold separately) make it possible to move your Maxi between all the strollers you may own.

Safe & Secure: Positioned between your arms and in front of you, your child is in a secure place as she rides on her Maxi through crowds or high-traffic areas. The Maxi is designed for use by children 2-5 years and weighing up to 66 lbs. (weight limit varies by country).

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