Big Sisters Are the Best

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With a new little baby coming to the house, little girls often don't know what to think or do.

Big Sisters Are The Best takes young girls on a delightful journey learning just how exciting it can be!

Join Big Sister as she notices the unique differences between babies and big girls. Where they sleep, what they eat, and how they play are very different.

Big Sister also finds little ways to help mommy with baby - giving gentle hugs, pat-pat-pat - burping baby, carefully putting on baby's socks, and being quiet while baby is napping.

Ultimately, this little girl learns that mommy and daddy still have time for her. She's still the right size to snuggle with mom and ride on dad's back, and there is always love for everyone... baby and big sister!

Big Sisters Are The Best

  • Sweet small book for new big sisters
  • Encourage gentleness, a helpful spirit, and self worth
  • Teaches little ways for sister to help with baby
  • Adorable illustrated pictures hold attention
  • Delight and entertaining for little girls
  • Hardcover with paper pages
  • Small dimensions: 6.25 x 7.25 inches
  • High quality construction
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