5 Tiny Tuxedo Bows on Snap Clips | Purple Tulips

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Pretty hairbows for baby or toddler fine hair that are the pastel bow colors you need for dresses for infant girl or toddler girl. These infant bows are on hair clips that stay in fine hair. 5 small snap tuxedo bow in warm and bright colors! Your baby girl will have stylish bows for her stylish baby clothes! 

☆This listing is FOR 5 Baby Wisp® SNAP CLIPS which are hair clips for fine baby or toddler hair.

☆ Type of bows included in this set: TUXEDO Grosgrain: 3 cm wide and 1.5 cm tall.
☆Colors in these set include:

Icy Pink, Rosebloom, Magenta, Dusky Mauve, Midnight Mauve

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