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May 16th, 2016 Move Over Mosquitoes: 3 Natural Bug Repellents


Picture it…. you and your family are enjoying a beautiful evening outdoors, riding bikes or playing with sidewalk chalk or bubbles. Suddenly, a beautiful sunset turns into a buffet dinner for the mosquitoes. In Louisiana, we joke about mosquitoes being an abnormal size, and they certainly do seem to come in flocks! Especially with babies […]

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May 11th, 2016 Top 3 Tummy Tamers

Baby massage

If baby ain’t happy nobody’s happy. It’s hard to see your precious little one in pain—especially due to a seemingly incurable bothered belly. At ZukaBaby, we have researched and tested the best tummy taming baby products on the market and have chosen our Top 3 to recommend to you. Each of our recommendations are all natural, fast acting […]

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May 2nd, 2016 Reflections on Motherhood: 10 Things I Didn’t Know Before I was a Mom


“From the outside looking in, you can never understand it. From the inside looking out, you can never explain it.” Like a secret sorority sisterhood I was dying to pledge, I had no real idea what motherhood truly entailed before I had my daughter. I thought I knew, I had gathered ideas from years of […]

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April 19th, 2016 All Natural Relief for the Seasonal Sniffles


Sniffles, itchy eyes, and scratchy throats are often times the tell tale signs that Spring is here. These symptoms are no fun for anyone, but can be especially difficult to safely treat for babies and nursing mamas. Enter Essential Oils to the rescue! Plants have natural defenses to help guard you against those icky reactions, […]

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April 13th, 2016 Shop Local: Local Vendor Spotlight


As a small, locally-owned business we pride ourselves in offering a wide selection of locally-made products. We are very proud to support our local vendors, and want our customers to be able to know these great business and who they are supporting when they buy their beloved products. In this blog we will introduce you […]

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April 5th, 2016 How I Saved $2000

Jen and Flynn photo

How I Saved $2000 with Cloth Diapering How much money have you saved so far with cloth diapering? About $2000 over the last two years. Although cloth diapering has many benefits, my main reason for choosing cloth over disposables was for the cost savings. Before my daughter was born, I calculated that disposables (the decent […]

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March 10th, 2016 Casey’s Top 3 Lactation Lies & Boobie Blunders

photo of breastfeeding struggles

                Breastfeeding 101 – Saturday, March 26, at ZukaBaby Metairie 2pm Event – Prepare for your breastfeeding journey with Casey’s tips on nutrition for nursing moms, overcoming supply issues, best products and more ($20 for 2 people+20% off nursing products) ALL DAY – 10% off nursing bras, giveaways and samples […]

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February 3rd, 2016 Feeding Babies – New Series & A Challenge

Real Food Challenge-2

Welcome to our new blog series on Feeding Babies! From pregnancy to breastfeeding to making baby food and beyond we will bring you content and recipes each week to inspire healthy eating habits for your whole family. As parents it is our job to feed our kids and that is no small task and you […]

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January 22nd, 2016 Mardi Gras Fun for Kids – Top 5 Parade Picks


Mardi Gras and kids may sound like oil and water, but locals know that Mardi Gras season is great fun for kids.  Costumes, decorations, free toys being thrown from brightly colored floats, dancing in the streets.  There are dangers to Mardi Gras that we cover in our next blog so stay tuned, but this week […]

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January 13th, 2016 Finger Painting – Messy Play for Healthy Sensory Development

finger paint 2

Your first thought of finger painting may be, it’s messy!  However, messy play for babies and toddlers is actually crucial to healthy sensory development.  Finger painting with your children can provide important foundation building blocks, sensory experiences, muscle and brain growth – all of which prepares them for later success and learning. Children are tactile […]

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