"Where's the Pacifier" Silicone Pacifier Clip

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This adorable pacifier clip will keep baby's pacifier close so you have it when you need it. The clip safely attaches to babies clothes preventing pacifier from getting lost and dropping on the floor. The ribbon loop can attach to most every pacifier making it a univesal clip. The beads and charm on this clip are made from 100% silicone.


Directions: Attach by slipping the ribbon loop through the pacifier handle, and then pull the clip through the loop, securing the pacifier at the end of the ribbon loop. Not a toy. Do not use as a teether. Only attach pacifier clip to clothing. Do not attach to cords, bands or belts as this could cause a strangulation hazard.

Elisa 16-08-2017 13:59

This is cute and useful for keeping a paci off the floor. The silicone means baby can also chew on it, which is handy. I sanitize it alongside pacis and nipples to keep it clean, which is really nice to be able to do. The clasp is both hard to attach and easy to come off, which I don't love, but all in all, much better than other paci-clips I have seen or tried.

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