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How can anyone not love these little pops of color that give a whole new definition to eye candy? Babies love the squishy feel under their bottoms, the high contrast placemats, and the super-engaging toy that can either attach to the tray or be played with on its own. We parents love the fact that we can boost the seat safely with the dual strap system, making feeding time a cinch! Whether on the floor or safely raised on a chair, babies can sit, eat, or play upright and with the family, like a big boy or girl. 

Both the Flex Plus and Chubs feature a 3 point harness for safety and come complete with snap on, twist off pommel, adjustable tray, placemat, and a way cool toy. The Chubbs features extra wide leg holes for those cute, chubby thighs and the perfect blend—rigid base for safety, soft seat for comfort.

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