GroVia Newborn All In One

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Erica P. 22-06-2017 16:17

My husband and I used these newborn all-in-one cloth diapers on out first newborn, and liked them enough to keep them around for our second. They're cute and functional, competitively priced, and very easy to use. For parents who are just getting started in cloth diapering, these are a great product to help you dive in. I've never met a Grovia product I didn't like, and these are no exception.

One note: As with many newborn diapers, your child may begin to out-wet them before they out-grow them. Frequently, this problem can be overcome by adding just a little more absorbency-- like adding a folded cloth wipe to the bottom of the diaper. It may be prudent, though, to have a few prefolds and newborn covers on hand (since they're a bit more absorbent and more customizable, and definitely more suited to over-night use than any AIO I've tried.)

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